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About Edward Pettit

After having spent the first twenty-seven years of his life in the same Philadelphia neighborhood, he
now resides just outside the "Athens of America" in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania with his lovely wife,
five daughters and lottsa books.  He can usually be found on the third floor of his home amidst the
tobacco fog of his pipe, head buried deep in the pages of

He doesn't believe Clement Clarke Moore wrote "A Visit from St Nicholas" (it was
Major Henry
Livingston, Jr.), but likes the poem anyway.

He believes Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was merely the
literary agent for Dr. Watson's true-life
accounts of Sherlock Holmes' adventures.

He doesn't believe H.P. Lovecraft should have a volume in the Library of America.

He believes Christopher Morley should have
several volumes in the Library of America.

He doesn't believe film adaptations of books should be faithful to the plots, characterizations or
even the endings of their sources.

He believes Harry Potter books are for children and
The Lord of the Rings is for adults.

He doesn't believe in ghosts, but MR James'
ghost stories still scare the hell out of him.

He believes poetry should have form and meter, but is willing to make exceptions in the case of

He doesn't believe
Huck Finn is a racist book.

He believes Thomas Chatterton was a
great poet.

He believes Samuel Johnson's
Dictionary is a great work of literature.

He believes people should pepper their conversation with
inkhorn words like omnigatherum,
bibliothecary and anacephalize.

He believes one should have more beliefs than disbeliefs.

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